Social networking and microblogging service for broadcasting short posts called tweets. Lifetime of tweet: 17 minutes. 305 millions monthly active users. Who uses Twitter:

  • 23% of all adults
  • 65+ demographics is growing
  • college graduates

Why using Twitter:

  • viral content
  • immediate interaction with brands and celebrities


  • engagement
  • feedback/getting
  • customer satisfaction
  • reach and brand building


  • tweet, 140 characters (original SMS length)
  • retweet, forward or share another tweet
  • like
  • mention
  • direct message
  • hashtags
  • trends

What Twitter offers:

  • data integration
  • virality
  • active management
  • designing for Twitter
  • researching
  • how we strategize
  • implementation

Checklist for account setup:

  • choose username wisely
  • bio
  • images
  • location
  • website
  • contact info
  • have something to tweet
  • share informations between platforms
  • assignement

Best practices for tweeting:

  • have reason for tweeting
  • use context (hashtags)
  • include media (more engagement)
  • add link (use link shortening tools)
  • check spelling
  • are you sure you want to send that tweet?
  • geo-targeting
  • company account

E-commerce on Twitter

“Buy” button is available only in U.S., Twitter offers. Building your base on Twitter takes time. Tips:

  • relevant, well produced content
  • leverage, hashtags and trends
  • follow other popular accounts
  • stay on top of customer comments
  • analyse your posts (

Data driven approach to social media. What we can examine:

  • activity
  • engagement
  • imperssions
  • profile visits

Top tips for Twitter:

  • plan when you are tweeting and why
  • spelling and grammar
  • have contact information
  • be an inovator, try something different
  • actively manage your account
  • be patient
  • be flexible, run promotions and have fun

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