Benefits of blogging

Blog is serie of posts in reverse chronological order. It’s a frequently updated online personal journal.

Reasons for blogging

  • do you have a message?
  • are you a good communicator?
  • do you want your site to be an industry leader?
  • are you thick skinned? (don’t feed trolls)
  • do you have time to write, moderate, respond? (inactive blog can damage your brand)

Types of blogs

  • personal blogs
  • microblogging (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, LinkedIn)
  • group blogs
  • corporate blogs
  • reverseblog (forum like, opened to it’s users to post)

Advantages of blogging

  • increases search engine traffic (Google loves fresh content)
  • generates inbound links
  • increases leads and improves conversion rates
  • gives your brand a human side
  • connects people to your brand and encourages discussion
  • supports your social media initiatives

Blog can improve SEO because it generates favourable results in search engine results.

Golden rules of blogging

  • stay focused and on point
  • post regular but not at the expense of quality
  • speak the language of your audience
  • remember that you are part of the community (engage with your audience)
  • surprise and reward your audience

How to create a blog

  • decision: self-hosting or free blog?
  • choose your blog topic and content and stay on message
  • choose a blogging platform
  • get a domain name and hosting
  • setup & start blogging

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