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PPC advertising means advertisers pay a website owner whenever their ad is clicked on.

Original sales funnelTranslated to PPC
InterestPPC ad click

Google AdWords is biggest PPC advertising provider. Chose keywords, analyze keywords meta tag of competitions website. Google Keyword planner can be used to benefit Google Adwords advertising and SEO. Keyword match types: broad (widest), phrase, exact and negative (exclude). Facebook PPC have better targeting.


CPCcost per clickpay for a single click on your ad
CPMcost per mileyou pay for 1000 impressions of your ad
CPAcost per acquisitionpay for conversion
CPLcost per leadpay for a lead
CTRclickthrough ratenumber of clicks divided by number of impressions
ROIreturn of investment

How online marketer increments spending: cost per ad impression, cost per click, cost per lead, cost per acquisition.

Risks of PPC advertising

  • need to be careful in this space
  • this costs money and does have a large element of risk to it
  • easy to setup account with AdWords
  • very hard to advertise successfully through it from a commercial perspective


  • one of the most direct forms of incurring a cost in digital advertising
  • getting pushed out by competitors
  • losing market share to new competitors
  • bidding wars
  • junk traffic, concerns
  • runaway costs
  • time management

Tips for success

  • experiment
  • structure is key
  • use keyword planner and keyword matching
  • research competitors
  • what is an acceptable ROI?
  • always use the resources available

Tips for writing great ads

  • check grammar
  • highlight what's unique
  • look at your ad with a critical eye
  • include prices/promotions
  • include keywords
  • experiment

Optimising AdWords ads: check trends, compare different ad texts and keyword groupings, refine bids and budget. Re-marketing means bring back visitors to your site (visitors see your ads on other websites in the Google display network). Ad rank = cost per conversion x quality score. Qualitiy score is determined by having relevant landing pages, keywords and ads.

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