Social Media Marketing

Why social media marketing fails:

  • reputation wasn’t managed
  • data wasn’t analysed
  • the wrong platform was used
  • wron tone was used
  • content quality is poor
  • we didn’t tailor our content
  • poor budgeting
  • our competitors did it better
  • spelling and grammar are bad
  • unrealistic expectations

We need to strategize. Strategy is a path to success. Tactics is an action or strategy carefully planned to achieve specific end. Why do we need strategy:

  • stay focused
  • will allow us to determine success – KPIs
  • resources
  • information management

S.O.S.T.A.C. – continous cycle:

  • situation analysis
  • objectives
  • strategy
  • tactics
  • actions
  • control

Tools for strategy management:

Areas of strategy we need to keep in mind: attribution, acceptance and costs.

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