Online Reputation Management

Social media = interaction, creation, sharing, engaging. Reputation management is the practice of attempting to shape public perception by influencing online informations about entity in question = PR. Reputation can determine your success or failure.

Negative feedback grows legs. If you do nothing:

  • how do you know how your brand is percieved
  • how to response to criticism
  • how to resolve complaints
  • lack of competency and legitimacy
  • problem locating your business
  • vulnerability to negative feedback is increased

Protecting your brand is critical:

  • what negative feedback can do
  • what lack of training can do
  • what should we do
  • educate yourself

Build your skills:

  • build expert knowledge
  • respond correctly
  • have customer service background
  • check your tone, see customer perspective
  • this isn’t limited to social media
  • it comes from everywhere
  • customer facing operations

Tools (to check what are people saying):

Easier to track those people, can improve our ORM.

Shaw Academy

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