Social networking site designed specifically for the business community. The goal of the site is to establish networks of people they know and trust professionally. Why is LinkedIn good:

  • data integration
  • professionally focused
  • recruitment
  • professional brands
  • business launch

Who and why uses LinkedIn:

  • 30-49 years age
  • employment opportunities
  • it’s like digital CV
  • conversion opportunities


  • professional networking
  • job opportunities
  • digital CV


  • connections: 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree + fellow members
  • inmail credits
  • pulse
  • groups (1.4 million groups)

Personal vs company page:

managed by single usermultiple admins
following public posts from your groupsfeature your own group
limited metricsadditional analytical insights

Checklist for profile setup:

  • professional header
  • summary
  • experience
  • examples
  • engagement

Aim for all-star profile strength.

Types of premium accounts:

  • job seekers
  • business plus
  • sales navigator
  • recruit lite

Content creation

  • share an update
  • post
  • topic and tone need to be professional
  • keep relevancy
  • post comments
  • show your expertise
  • keep it professional
  • add media
  • call to action
  • use analytics


They are key element of LinkedIn, can be text or media, for variety of purposes. Analytics:

  • hosted on LinkedIn
  • profile: who’s seen your page, where you rank
  • page: followers acquired, page likes, reach engagement, comments and shares

Simply Measured – designed for LinkedIn (free trial).

Top tips:

  • be conscious of your tone
  • use professional language
  • aspire for all-star profile
  • sponsor your best posts
  • don’t limit yourself
  • include media in posts
  • use the business services

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