Share your life with friends through a series of pictures. Pictures tells a thousand words… 400 millions of users, who and why uses Instagram?

  • younger people, 18-34 years
  • female gender dominate
  • upper middle class
  • interests: food, fashion, entertainment, sport

People use Instagram because of engagement opportunities, in-house editing tools and integration accross platforms. Rewards:

  • content as visual presentation of your brand
  • integration with other platforms
  • clear demographics


  • like
  • hashtag
  • direct (private) message
  • re-gram

Instagram for business – it is not just for B2C companies.

Creating content

  • keywords in description
  • hashtags (with capitalization) in description
  • location
  • tag people
  • share

Checklist for creating content:

  • image quality
  • in-house editing tools
  • related hashtags
  • call-to-action (no link in description)
  • self-promotion (sharing)
  • engage with your audience
  • post regulary only if you have reason

What we can analyze on Instagram: audience, engagement and optimization. Does not have in-house analytics – use and Advertising on Instagram through Facebook Power Editor:

  • create campaign
  • objective
  • buying type
  • campaign spending limit

Integrate e-commerce

  • post description
  • cross-linking
  • 3rd party e-commerce platforms like Soldsie

Promotion on Instagram through building a community:

  • by leveraging hashtags
  • collaboration
  • integration

Top tips for Instagram:

  • include a call-to-action in your posts
  • create a strategy
  • include relevant hashtags
  • don’t underestimate power of words (up to 2200 characters)
  • promote Instagram accross other platforms
  • post regulary only if you have a reason for posting

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