Facebook Marketing

Facebook have 1.4 billion active users, 4 out of 10.000 users clicks on advertisement. Three pillars of Facebook:

  • online reputation management
  • conversions: content and ads
  • data analytics

Why People use Facebook:

  • global reach
  • in-house analytics
  • easy demographic targeting


  • customer base
  • accessibility (people regulary check Facebook)
  • verified pages (official source of content)


  • like (reactions)
  • share
  • profile (personal)
  • page (company)
user (individual)business or brand
managed by one usermultiple admins
following public postsyou can like a page to see updates in your news feed
metrics: nonepages have additional metrics

Page setup checklist:

  • category
  • complete business profile
  • images
  • address
  • URL
  • website
  • contact info
  • content
  • customer facing marketing
  • responsibility for maintaining


  • making a post
  • how we engage
  • text and imagery
  • algorithm

What we need for text post:

  • content
  • action
  • honesty


  • spelling errors
  • awkwardness
  • irrelevancy
  • avoid politics and religion

Goals for putting images: product launch and improving visibility of a product. Criteria for images:

  • have logo
  • quality
  • ad copy

Content creation questions:

  • reason to post
  • action
  • who is posting it
  • who I am trying to reach
  • why using Facebook instead of other platforms
  • image, can I inlcude it?

Share 3rd party content only when time and resources are limited. Screen your posts! Watch for competitors (don’t share that content), inappropriate content and other red flags.

How Facebook selects content? Previously used EdgeRank based on affinity, weight and decay. Now has 100.000 ranking factors with machine learning.

Advertising on Facebook

Similar to paid advertising on other platforms:

  • bidding process
  • call-to-action button
  • the future is paid!

Analysing Facebook through Facebook Insights. What can we analyze and why is this important. Top tips:

  • analyse data
  • manage your comments
  • listen to your audience
  • engage
  • tailor your content
  • strategize
  • integrate and self-promote
  • manage your reputation

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