Data Driven Marketing

Data is raw information gathered from almost anywhere. Data analysis is turning data into useable information. Without the ability to analyse, cannot determine the reason for success or failure. Why analysing data:

  • stop spending too much (how much can we spend, what will we make); data can prevent campaigns that should never have happened
  • improve conversions (work with large traffic flow, hurting your profile, using data wrong)

Good practice:

  • we need to make educated changes
  • track them
  • make the changes and analyse again

Rewards of data analysis:

  • it shapes your strategy
  • making informed decisions
  • minimizing risk of bad campaign

Risks of data analysis:

  • if we don’t analyse data, we risk a bad user experience, spending too much
  • if we misinterpret data, we are left blinded by data

Know the numbers so you know:

  • how much you generate per client
  • how much your spend to attract a client
  • how much you can safely spend

Data is key for:

  • knowing your return
  • assessing the campaign
  • justifying the campaign

Accountability = assigning revenue to specific channel.

ARPLaverage revenue per lead (how much revenue you generate per new lead)
ARPAaverage revenue per account or acquisition (not every lead convert)
PPMpercentage profit margin

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