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Interaktivna televizija

Interaktivna televizija predstavlja proces obogaćivanja tradicionalne TV tehnologije modernim servisima. Ti servisi mogu biti video na zahtev, glasanje u realnom vremenu, kupovina preko Interneta, eBanking itd. Vrste interaktivnosti:

  • interaktivnost sa TV uređajem
  • interaktivnost sa TV sadržajem
  • interaktivnost sa povezanim TV sadržajem

Interaktivnost sa TV uređajem

Interaktivnost sa TV uređajem je najjednostavniji oblik uticaja na sveukupni TV doživljaj a zasniva se na upotrebi daljinskog upravljača u cilju promene programa, aktiviranja videa na zahtev, pauziranja i premotavanja programa, preskakanja reklama itd. Ova vrsta interaktivnosti ne menja sam sadržaj koji se prikazuje već samo način na koji korisnik kontroliše konzumiranje tog sadržaja.

Interaktivnost sa TV sadržajem

Interaktivnost sa TV sadržajem se često smatra pravom Interaktivnom televizijom. U ovom obliku interaktivnosti, sadržaj programa se menja u zavisnosti od korisnikovog inputa. Na primer, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch je drama u kojoj gledaoci biraju ili utiču na tok scenarija i kraj. Jednostavniji oblici uticaja na TV sadržaj su integracija glasanja, pitanja, komentara i drugih virtuelnih doprinosa gledalaca.

Interaktivnost sa povezanim TV sadržajem

Ova vrsta interaktivnosti se smatra televizijom budućnosti i obuhvata pribavljanje dodatnih informacija od strane gledaoca o tome šta se trenutno prikazuje na TV-u, kakva je vremenska prognoza, informacije o sportu, filmovima, vesti itd. Slično tome, pribavljanje dodatnih informacija o tome šta se trenutno reklamira na TV-u kao i mogućnost da se to kupi direktno iz TV-a (T-commerce).

Povratna sprega

Prilikom menjanja TV sadržaja ili pribavljanja informacija o povezanim sadržajima, bitna stvar je povratna sprega odnosno način na koji gledalac šalje svoj input emiteru. Načini realizacije povratne sprege:

  • korisnici kablovske televizije primaju program preko kabla koji se može iskoristiti kao povratna sprega; slično je i za korisnike IPTV-a
  • u Accidental Lovers gledaoci šalju SMS poruke i na osnovu ključnih reči iz tih poruka se odvija dalji tok radnje
  • Hugo je TV igra u kojoj gledaoci koriste telefon sa tonskim biranjem kako bi upravljali glavnim junakom
  • tokom Otvorenog prvenstva Australije u tenisu 2012. godine gledaoci su koristili aplikaciju kako bi dali svoje sugestije koja pitanja komentator treba da postavi teniserima posle meča

Tropic Islands
IPTV Interactivity

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Humble Wallet

Kartica od 5 evra kredita me je koštala 630.06 dinara. Komercijalna banka računa da jedan evro košta 125.6 dinara, 5 x 125.6 = 628 dinara, treba videti gde nestadoše dva dinara, da li je to provizija banke ili je provizija uračunata u kurs…

humble wallet 1 humble wallet 2 humble wallet 3


Naknade i troškovi

Primeri iz života…

Qiwi Wallet @ Pinnacle Sports

Minimum deposit: 10e
Maximum deposit: 250e
Fee: 2%

Minimum withdrawal: 10e
Maximum withdrawal: 180e
Fee: 12e

Each Pinnacle Sports customer receives one free withdrawal per calendar month.

Charges for Oxigen Wallet

Signing up for Oxigen Wallet: free
Online payment using Oxigen wallet: free
Transfer from wallet to bank account: 3% or fixed ammount, whichever is higher

Mobile Wallet

Setup: free
Monthly: free
Add money: $3-4
Pay bills: $2-5
Get money: $2
Inactivity fee: $1.95-4.95

MyPaylinQ (discontinued)

Credit Card Deposit: 6.5% – 7.5%
Money Order (withdrawal): $5

Google & Paypal checkout fees

$0.00 USD – $3,000.00 USD: 2.9% + $0.30 USD
$3,000.01 USD – $10,000.00 USD: 2.5% + $0.30 USD
$10,000.01 USD – $100,000.00 USD: 2.2% + $0.30 USD
> $100,000.00 USD: 1.9%* + $0.30 USD

Limundo provizije

do 20.000 dinara: 4%
preko 20.000 dinara: 800 dinara + 1% na sumu preko 20.000 dinara

Limundo nudi besplatno postavljanje određenog broja aukcija u toku meseca, inače se naplaćuje pokretanje aukcije.


naknada koju uzima G2A nakon uspešne prodaje: 8%
troškovi transakcije: 35ec


Social Media and E-Commerce

Key terms of e-commerce:

  • conversion = user takes action (sale)
  • lead = people that gives contact information
  • ad copy = text that sells for us
  • KPI = key performance indicator

What do we need to attract our target audience? Educate ourselves about channels:

  • can I integrate them into my strategy?
  • am I familiar with the functions?

Build strategy that is going to be driven by data generated from previous efforts. Social media commerce tips:

  • your goal
  • strategize
  • campaign design
  • community
  • analyze
  • reputation management
  • watch for trends

The sales funnel:

  • who likes our page
  • who sees our content
  • who clicks our links
  • who looks at our products
  • who clicks “buy now”
  • who confirms the purchase

Shaw Academy


Digital Marketing Strategy

Adopting web-based approach to marketing and engaging it’s customers through a proprietary web site. Confidence ensures discipline. How to gain confidence:

  • education
  • experience

Don’t count profits until the campaign finished.

Digital marketing strategy development

  • structure your strategy
  • ste out your business vision
  • develop appropriate value proposition
  • review the marketplace, define your audience and target
  • define objectives and KPIs
  • develop appropriate timeframes
  • define costings and budget
  • create data analysis methodologies and associated actions
  • define positive customer experience measurement
  • get new customers
  • implement the nurture strategy – engagement and loyalty
  • review, improve and start again

The creation of positive digital marketing operation is best achieved through ROI analysis, having a digital marketing strategy and practicing that strategy. This should show the individual exactly what to expect from their online marketing activities and protect you from losses. Education, experience and determination will create and reinforce self confidence.

Shaw Academy


Web Analytics

Analysis of Internet data for understanding and optimizing web usage.

Websites tools:

  • Google analytics
  • Yahoo web analytics
  • Adobe Omniture site catalyst
  • Click Tale
  • Alexa and Quantcast

Social tracking tools:

  • Hootsuite
  • Buffer
  • Social Mention
  • TweetReach
  • AddictioMatic
  • IceRocket
  • AddThis and ShareThis

Google analytics is free and everybody’s using it 🙂 You can see keywords that bring traffic, you can track actions and generate reports.

Who is my target market?demographic data; geo-targeting
How can I grow sales?setting up and managing conversions
What are my competitors doing differently?Google trends; competitor analysis
Am I making the best use of my resources?in-page analytics; acquisition reports
What are my best networks to communicate with?referring sites; social data; most valuable links

A/B testing

  • only test one variable at the time
  • tests must be run simultaneously
  • gather enough relevant data
  • know what you want to test (location of your call to action, text, button color…)
  • try to automate


  • realtime understanding of your website performance
  • understanding of the costs and benefits of your marketing efforts
  • the ability to optimise campaigns before they begin or while they are ongoing
  • reaching full potential
  • allows you to shape your overall digital strategy to ensure maximum impact
  • best digital marketers use data to make informed and educated decisions

Shaw Academy


Data Driven Digital Marketing

Process of applying different techniques to evaluate data. It is data analysis, not guessing. Design, strategy, implementation – all supported ba data. Measuring the succes or failure, data analysis is the only way you will be successful as an online marketer. You need to know in advance:

  • how much you can spend
  • what you expect to make

Corelation does not imply causation. It’s important to take all factors in consideration. Importance of data conversions:

  • you need to know what to do with data
  • not using data hurts
  • using data badly is often even worse

Data analysis shows what works. Track changes on your site or posting practices. Analytics has the answers:

  • where in our funnel clients fall off
  • what are their most preferred parts of our site
  • how can we improve every single day

Costs and return

  • how much you generate from each client
  • how much you currently spend to attract a client
  • how much you can safely spend

Data is the key:

  • know your return in a precise manner
  • assess the campaign, before and after
  • is, and then was, the campaign warranted

ARPLaverage revenue per leadtotal revenue divided by the number of leads
ARPAaverage revenue per acquisitiontotal revenue divided by the number of paying customers
PPMpercentage profit margintotal percentage of all revenue that results in gross profit

Shaw Academy


Email marketing

Email marketing are relevant, engaging, timely messages to specific recipients.

Two phases: acquiring leads and then converting them. Conversion is the measurement of when a person took action that pushes him further down the purchase funnel. It is when person completes objectives usually becoming a paying customer. It can be one sale, one signup, one mail, one viewer…

Risks of converting

  • converting wrong people: do not miss-sell, financial products with high risk, moral issues, commercial issues, don’t accept all purchases at face value, profiling will help…
  • converting too little: PPC (pay too much), SEO (bounce Google downgrading), affiliate (lose interest)
  • staff: demotivated, unrewarded, lose faith
  • overall well-being: massive failure on all fronts

Benefits of email marketing

  • building relationships with people (one on one)
  • people use email more than Facebook, search…
  • worth the time
  • half of emails are read on smartphones (responsive design)
  • design is big deal
  • 70% mails are deleted if don’t render well on mobile

Email commerce

  • people like special offers, promotions and vouchers (added value)
  • people respond on email more than on Facebook + Twitter together
  • subject line is most important reason to open email: keep it short and to the point

SUBJECT: verb purpose outcome (10% off new online store)

How to

  1. get provider
  2. get email list management
  3. unsubscribe functionality
  4. design templates and WYSIWYG editor
  5. mail merge (personalizing)
  6. analytics and reports
  7. delivery management
  8. integrated spam filtering

Build email subscriber list, don’t buy it.

Email metrics

  • open rates
  • click through rates
  • forwards
  • prints
  • deletes
  • device types
  • bounce rates (fake email)
  • unsubscribe rates

Helpful tips

  • never buy lists
  • never share your list
  • always use software
  • have easy unsubscribe function
  • A/B test
  • HTML
  • images, text, subject lines
  • design for mobile
  • get personal
  • be relevant, be useful
  • analyse
  • don’t spam (

Shaw Academy


Affiliate marketing

Performance based marketing. 4 major pillars:

  1. merchant/retailer
  2. publisher/affiliate (3rd party)
  3. customer/end user
  4. network/offers for affiliates

16% of e-commerce comes from affiliate. It can be B2C and B2B.

CPA is revenue received by a publisher when he or she sends user to an advertiser who converts. Acquisition is conversion, it involves a transaction or purchase, advertisers pays only for converts. CPL is cost per lead. Revenue received when publisher generates a lead for an advertiser on their site. Usually involves user filling contact form.

Revenue share, not fixed amount per conversion. Advertising costs are defined by revenue.

Risks of affiliate marketing

  • CPAs can be dangerous. No guarantee, expensive, frauds. Better avoid in the beginning.
  • Conversions – sending traffic with no conversions, so, no revenue. This can be due to non-targeted traffic or fraud.
  • Aligned interests – don’t compete with yourself. Merchant + affiliate = partnership. Same space = problems.
  • Cash flow and receiving revenue
  • Tracking performance

Merchant AND affiliate, not OR:

  1. phase 1 = being the affiliate
  2. phase 2 = being the merchant
  3. you can be both

Merchants must have

  • website
  • product or service
  • definition of conversions
  • commercials (numbers): how much to pay and to generate
  • platform (private or network)
  • tracking sales and numbers (software)

Software requirements

  • login
  • realtime reporting
  • platform to communicate
  • platform to upload offers and product feeds
  • be able to select affiliates
  • track metrics like CPA, CPC, CPM…

Recruiting and managing affiliates

  • web searching
  • attractive payment structures
  • know your affiliate motivations
  • communicate and be adaptive
  • treat with care (have demo)

Questions to ask

  • size of audience
  • who is the audience
  • how does the affiliate communicate with them
  • frequency of communication
  • past comparable performances
  • Alexa rank


  • low risk
  • search affiliates
  • builds your authority and ranking
  • ready made networks and providers
  • 24/7/365 workforce

Shaw Academy


Internet plaćanje: Humble Bundle

I ovde imamo samo dva koraka: popuni adresu (shipping info) i daj podatke sa kartice (payment info). Ako bismo uključili opciju Remember me, verovatno bismo dobili nešto kao kod StackCommerce-a ali, ponavljam, to je sigurnosni rizik.

humble bundle 1 humble bundle 2